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I find it interesting to read letters to the editor by those who support same sex-marriage. Most seem to have such a negative tone. They criticize people who are opposed to changing the traditional definition of marriage, calling them prejudiced and claiming that their thinking is logically flawed logic and outdated.

It makes me wonder if anyone has taken the time to really think about what a child needs to grow and develop in a healthy way. When I was growing up, I learned that men and women are different. The things that my mother taught me were different than the things that I learned from my father. Children need things that both a mother and a father can provide. That is as true today as it was when I was growing up.

So for those who don't believe that a child benefits from having both a mother and a father, I say it is your right to feel that way. However, there are those of us who think different, and we have a right to do so without being criticized for it.

Stephanie Christian

West Point