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Well, if you guessed the Incredible Hulk, you would be correct. And there's nothing "childhood" about it. He's Turbin's hero, period. End of story. To this day. At this very moment.

He has the Hulk on his screen saver, he has posters, it's in his phone, it's everywhere in his personal life.

Of course, the irony of this, lies in the fact that Turbin very closely resembles the green man, not in looks, but in body type. In other words, he's jacked. His biceps are bigger than the thighs of many mere mortals. And he looks like he's back. The explosion is there. The cutback ability is there, and the hands are there, not like they've ever gona anywhere.

"He's always been my hero," Turbin said of the famous cartoon character. "He's strong, he's smart, and that's how I like to think of myself."

Turbin has clearly stood out as the best player on USU's offense, with coaches exhorting the quarterbacks to get the ball in his hands whenever possible.

Tony Jones