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Gossip columnist Diana Falzone from Paltalk sat down with InTouch Weekly's senior editor, Dorothy Cascerceri to discuss the latest celebrity gossip including the Jada Pinkett Smith-Will Smith-Marc Anthony love triangle. I am sucker for gossip about singers. OK, I am a sucker about gossip in general.

Below are some highlights of the chat:· On what exactly happened between Will and Jada: "There is a crazy love triangle happening in Hollywood…Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith have been having major issues in their marriage…Jada Pinkett Smith is co-starring with Marc Anthony on the TNT show Hawthorne…Will in early August decided he was going to head over to the couple's Hidden Hills home and make a surprise visit to Jada. He made sure to tell the driver, 'Do not tell Jada I'm coming'…when Will emerged from the home he was crying, he was visibly shaken, and he said, 'Marc is in the house with Jada.' · On the relationship between Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony: " Will has been having these sneaking suspicions for some time that Jada and Mark have been lovey-dovey…their characters have the steamiest sex scenes, I mean steamy enough to melt the camera lens." · On the Public Relations for clean up for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's relationship: "[Jada and Will] either are the best PR people out there or they have the best PR people working for them…the day after our story broke they were out together in Malibu, kissing, holding hands, walking in slow motion…a source says the entire outing was just a publicity stunt." · On PR cleanup for celebrity couples in general: "They want people to be confused and they want people to wonder…people when it comes to splitting up, whether it's a five month relationship or whether it's a fifteen year marriage and they're getting a divorce, people really do not like admitting that perhaps the union failed. They don't like admitting to friends to families…perhaps all those publicity stunts have to do with managing their own denial."