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Utah still has the nation's largest households, highest fertility rate, lowest median age, youngest age at marriage and most stay-at-home moms.

That's according to the annual American Community Survey, which was released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. The statistics give a snapshot of America, and Utah, in hundreds of categories.

Demographers have long said that the Mormon culture has made Utah unique with those large families. But slowly over time, Utah is trending toward becoming more like the rest of the country.

The survey this year shows that Utahns still are typically young, white, married, have a household income of $54,744, have two cars and a house worth $217,200.


U.S. • 50.8 percent female, 49.2 percent male

Utah • 49.7 female, 50.3 male


White • U.S. 74.2 percent, Utah 88.8 percent

Hispanic/Latino • U.S. 16.4 percent, Utah 13 percent

Black • U.S. 12.6 percent, Utah 1 percent

Asian • U.S. 4.8 percent, Utah 1.9 percent

American Indian/Alaska Native • U.S. 0.8 percent. Utah 1.2 percent

Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander • U.S. 0.2 percent, Utah 0.9 percent

Educational attainment

High school graduation • U.S. 85.6 percent, Utah 90.6 percent

Bachelor's degree or higher • U.S. 28.2 percent, Utah 29.3 percent


Drive alone • U.S. 76.6 percent, Utah 77.6 percent

Carpool U.S. • 9.7 percent, Utah 11.2 percent

Public transportation • U.S. 4.9 percent, Utah 2.1 percent

Work at home U.S. • 4.3 percent, Utah 4.4 percent


Government workers • U.S. 15.3 percent, Utah 16.6 percent

Self employed • U.S. 6.3 percent, Utah 4.9 percent

Household Income

Less than $100,000 annually • U.S. 80 percent, Utah 80.9

$200,000 or more • U.S. 3.9 percent, Utah 2.8 percent

Health Insurance

Private Insurance • U.S. 84.5 percent, Utah 84.7 percent

Public insurance • U.S. 29.7 percent, Utah 20.5 percent

No health insurance • U.S. 15.5 percent, Utah 15.3 percent