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Excerpts from an interview Wednesday with Charlotte Bobcats forward Bismack Biyombo after a press conference in Provo.Biyombo on his training regimen: I'm playing already in Tampa with different NBA players. I'm playing with a lot of guys, like, over 20 NBA players around the city. … Hasheem Thabeet. … I'm doing it two, three days a week. … I'm working on it with Mark Jackson, the big Mark Jackson. Transition after the NBA Draft: Yes, of course I have to enjoy it. It's not every time you get a chance like this to be in a position where I am right now. I thank God for that. It's a big opportunity to me and I did take it. … It's really a big honor to me to be in the situation that I am. It takes a lot of work to be what I am and I'm proud of myself.What he's focusing on: Mark is trying to put me through everything and every situation. He knows a lot about the NBA game, that's the reason that I'm working out with him. He knows a lot and a he has a lot to teach me. … He teach me what stuff that is going to help me on the floor. Not what I want him to teach me. It's just like, 'I'm going to teach you this, because I know that when the season start it's going to help you.' Status of contract situation: I can guarantee a lot of people. There's a lot of things going on with that and we're working on that and hopefully before the season start we can get it done. I'm pretty sure [this] season I'm going to be there and I'm in my team jersey playing for Charlotte and be in the league. For sure I'll be in the league. A lot of people heard different stuff, but I guarantee people I will be in the league. We're working on the contract and everything and it'll be OK. There is no worries about it.Anyone he's looking forward to defending: The truth is I'm just trying to compete against everybody. I'm just trying to win every game. … There is a reason that I am in the league. It's not like I put someone in my mind; I'm going to go after this guy or I'm going to go after that guy. It's just be there, play hard and help my team to win a game.Brian T. Smithbsmith@sltrib.comTwitter: