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Legislature starts special session on redistricting. Matheson's the wild card. Perry slammed for racially insensitivity.

Happy Monday. The state Legislature reconvenes today for the purpose of adopting new political boundaries for races involving the school board, the Legislature and the state's four congressional seats. Expect fireworks, a few hurt feelings and some dramatic speeches, particularly from incumbents who see their district disintegrating. And don't forget to check back at for all the details.

Topping the news: Utah GOP leaders say their redistricting plans are "bullet proof" from political or legal challenges despite the grumbling of Democrats and a few Republicans forced to face an incumbent in the next election. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Gov. Gary Herbert is trying to tweak the redistricting map to help Rep. Jim Matheson stay in the House and avoid facing him in a governor's race, alleges Morgan Philpot, the last man to run against Matheson. [Trib] [DNews] [Fox13]

-> State Rep. Carl Wimmer welcomes Matheson to run against him in the new 4th district. [ABC4]

-> Wimmer has raised a little more than $152,000 for his congressional run so far, according to his campaign. The full report is due later this month.

-> Political insiders split on what seat Matheson will run for — House, Governor, Senate? [UtahPolicy]

-> Check out our D.C. Notebook where we try to identify the races Rep. Jim Matheson has actually ruled out for 2012. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @qthePEOPLE: "Season finale of #soyouthinkyoucanmap starts tomorrow. Tell your rep/sen your thoughts-email, phone-now."

Happy birthday: to KSL's Doug Wright and Rich Piatt.

Our condolences: Herbert's mother Carol Boley Herbert passed away at the age of 82. The governor describes her "strong, quiet faith." [Trib] [DNews]

Opinion section: Rolly argues that lawmakers on the redistricting committee did exactly what they said they wouldn't, they drew a urban district. But instead of it being left-leaning, it appears to be drawn to benefit state Rep. Carl Wimmer. [Trib]

-> Lowell Nelson, vice-chairman of the Utah Republican Party, says redistricting has faithfully followed federal and state guidelines. [Trib] While Hannah Owen, a U of U senior, says the outcome will discourage youth voters. [Trib]

-> Bagley's take on the pessimism sweeping the country. [Trib]

-> McEntee cheers on Moab's gay pride parade. [Trib]

-> The Trib launches a new Bagley blog that will delve deeper into his drawings. It's called Behind the Lines and will feature BYU economist Val Lambson. [Trib]

-> Former Sen. Bob Bennett delves into the pros and cons of the Electoral College. [DNews]

-> Pignanelli and Webb debate where today's level of frustration in Washington ranks in the nation's history. [DNews]

-> Paul Edwards of the DNews spent a September day with Sen. Orrin Hatch in Washington and writes a column about a day in the life of a senior senator. [DNews]

-> Madeline Greymountain of the Goshute Tribal Council calls for the protection of the Great Basin watershed from thirsty Las Vegas. [Trib]

-> The federal debt debate could really hurt Salt Lake County, according to its auditor Greg Hawkins. [Trib]

-> Mark Alvarez an attorney and radio host says Latinos hit harder than most by the recession. [Trib]

Where are they?

Gov. Gary Herbert attends the funeral of Orem Mayor Jerry Washburn and later meets with his chief of staff and budget director.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon holds a cabinet meeting and then welcomes the American Health Information Management Association.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker holds an economic development meeting, then visits with Ski Utah President Nathan Rafferty before attending a briefing about the performing arts center.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder speaks at the groundbreaking at the Oquirrh Meadows assisted living center.

President Barack Obama holds a cabinet meeting, meets with the three winners of the Google Science Fair and later sits down with the U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands.

2012 watch: As a new governor, Mitt Romney went after corporate tax loopholes to the chagrin of business leaders and anti-tax groups. [NYTimes]

-> Rick Perry frequented a hunting camp with a racially charged name that has political circles buzzing. [WaPost] And he spent Sunday trying to deflect criticism. [WaPost]

-> Perry says its possible the U.S. military will have to get involved in the Mexican war on the cartels. [CNN]

-> Romney's wife of 42 years, Ann Romney, is on the campaign trail constantly bring a personal touch to politics. [WaPost]

-> Romney had mixed results on jobs as Massachusetts governor. [AP]

-> Former rivals, Romney and Mike Huckabee sparred about social issues on Fox News, but keep it friendly. [WaPost] [NYTimes]

-> Jon Huntsman's dad is no longer a member of the LDS Church's Area Seventy, but the faith says it has nothing to do with his son's presidential campaign. [CNN]

-> Florida moves up its primary date to Jan. 31, a game changer in the presidential race. [MiamiHerald]

Weekend in review: A GOP presidential candidate has his headquarters in Utah, but it isn't the one you think it should be. And it isn't the other one either. [Trib]

-> Higher ed leaders may get rid of open enrollment in an attempt to improve the number of people who finish their degrees. [Trib]

-> Just in time for LDS Conference, the Utah Dems held the first meeting of a new caucus meant to make Mormons feel more comfortable in the state's minority party. [Trib] [DNews]

-> The public lands debate is driving the state's redistricting process. [AP]

-> The governor is ready to have his say on the new political boundaries. [Herald]

-> Herbert has no love for the presidential primary system. [Trib]

-> Utah's unemployment rate is now stuck above 7 percent and that has officially concerned. [Trib]

-> Tucked in thousands of Wiki Leak cables are a few that involve the LDS Church and show the faith's international reach. [Trib]

-> Bryan Schott interviews Adam Brown, a BYU political scientist who studied congressional use of Twitter. [UtahPolicy]

-> The feds are not just fining supplement companies that laces their pills with pharmaceuticals, now they are going after their executives with criminal charges. [Trib]

-> A look into the lives of congressional interns. [UtahPolicy]

-> Provo may allow beer sales on Sundays. [Trib]

-> Utah's local governments are struggling with a bad economy but are helped by historically low interest rates. [Trib]

-> Herbert says the states will lead the nation to a better health care system. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Utah led the nation is population growth by whites. [Trib]

-> The REAL ID Act has become a high hurdle for some Utah immigrants. [DNews]

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