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The Utes have released news on Jordan Wynn, stating he is out for 2-to-3 weeks due to his shoulder injury. He will be re-evaluated at that point to determine if he can return. The news is about what was expected. Utah coach Kyle Whittingham wasn't too hopeful Wynn could play this week following Saturday's loss to Washington. So what about the future? My hunch is it won't be good. The Utes haven't released details of the injury so this is speculation on my part, but if the joint is as unstable as Whittingham indicated it was following Saturday's game, it could be difficult for Wynn to rehab the shoulder well enough to return. There is a mental aspect to the injury too, which is a bigger concern given Wynn's history with injuries. How willing would he be to stand in the pocket if in the back of his mind he is worried about getting hurt again? We all know Wynn's throwing motion has been affected by the injury to his right shoulder suffered last year. Now, with two damaged shoulders, how good can Wynn really be this year? These injuries just might be too much for him to overcome, both physically and mentally.