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The Department of Veterans Affairs is still negotiating with the Salt Lake City Housing Authority over changes it demanded a month ago in how veterans' cases are managed at two apartment complexes.

In a brief statement Monday, the spokeswoman for the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center said the VA intends to make recommendations to the housing authority by Nov. 1.

The VA is reviewing changes in an employee code of ethics and other new policies and procedures proposed by the housing authority, VA spokeswoman Jill Atwood said. "We are also in the process of identifying additional modifications."

In the meantime, the VA continues to pay the housing authority $30 per day for each veteran housed at Valor Apartments or Sunrise Metro complexes in Salt Lake City. The housing authority provides case management for the veterans.

Bill Nighswonger, executive director of the housing authority, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

On Sept. 16, VA Salt Lake City Health Care System Director Steven W. Young sent a notice of the VA's intent to cut off funding for veterans at Sunrise Metro and Valor Apartments unless the housing agency fixed its policies and procedures within 30 days.

The housing authority submitted its proposal well before the deadline, which was Sunday, Atwood said.

In his September letter, Young said the housing authority had a pattern of failing to tell the VA about relevant and critical clinical issues, and that was endangering the health and safety of veterans.

Complaints by former employees of the housing authority sparked Sept. 6 inspections of the two apartment complexes.

In his letter, Young said the VA found some veterans are going without treatment for weeks at a time, due in part to high turnover among case managers. He also said care is marred by "flagrant indiscretions in confidentiality and professional standards" by staff.

Nighswonger previously declined to describe the policy changes proposed by the housing authority, and said the VA would issue a statement.