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The biggest surprise on last week's episode of Tosh.0 (11 p.m. Comedy Central) was what Daniel Tosh was wearing - a BYU T-shirt.

And, clearly, he'd learned something about the school in Provo.

"Rise and shout, I'm coming out - in BYU apparel," he said. "Put on your magic underwear and take a pilgrimage with me to Joseph Smith's Narnia. Cuckoo!"

Later in the show, he was wearing a different BYU T-shirt. And in another bit, he was pretending to be a Scientologist and this poster was on the wall behind him - "Scientology: Making Mormons look sane since 1952."

Tosh isn't any more anti-Mormon than he is anti-anything else. He's made jokes about all sorts of religions, ethnicities, sexual preferences ... every week.

He has joked about Mormons before. In 2010, he said, "We love everyone equally, except the Mormons." And, "Listen, I don't want one horrible. nagging wife, let alone 15 of them."

And there is clearly one thing Tosh likes even less than Mormons - University of Alabama football. Which he made clear in that 2010 episode.

"I'll only support Mormons if BYU is playing Alabama," he said. "Burn in hell, (Crimson Tide coach Lou) Saban. You're an awful person."

In tonight's episode, Tosh gives The Guy on Shrooms a web redemption.

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