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Democrats were not the only ones threatening to sue the Legislature over redistricting. Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright says he warned lawmakers that the GOP would do the same if it made a safe district for Democrats among new congresssional boundaries.

He said one of six finalist maps considered by the Redistricting Committee, called a "hat with three stripes" by Rep. Fred Cox, R-West Valley, in his opinion would have created a safe Democratic district — and said he told lawmakers the GOP would consider suing if they adopted that one.

He said that he told legislators that "If you pass a map that Republicans can't be competitive in that I would consider the same type of action the Democrats were considering," namely a lawsuit.

He said if a safe Democratic seat were drawn, "I'd have a problem with it. Just like I'd have a problem if they were drawing maps that only Republicans can win."

Wright says the final maps are fair. Democrats disagree and say they plan to challenge boundaries in court.

— Robert Gehrke