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Thank goodness Jon Huntsman is running for president - if only because his campaign is providing a necessary dose of intentional comedy. (As opposed to most of the other candidates, whose comedy is of the unintentional variety.)

For example, there is the new web video (click on the image above to watch it) posted Friday that features Huntsman's 20-something daughters - Liddy, 22; Abby, 25; and Mary Anne, 26. The video spoofs the recently gone-viral ad for Huntsman's rival Herman Cain, the one that featured Cain's campaign manager Mark Block taking a drag on a cigarette.

The three daughters, each wearing fake mustaches, tout their father's record as ambassador and Utah governor - as well as his stands on the issues.

Then Abby adds, "even if we didn't believe that, we'd still have to be here" - a riff on Block's comment that "If I didn't believe [in Cain's policies], I wouldn't be here."

Then Mary Anne adds: "We are shamelessly promoting our dad, like no other candidate's family ever has."

The ad ends with the three Huntsman daughters touting their Twitter feed - @jon2012girls - and blowing soap bubbles into the camera.

Time's Nick Carbone liked the ad, but then came back to reality: "We hate to burst said bubbles, Huntsman girls, but your father is at the bottom of the polls, notching just 1% of voters. It may take more than a silly ad to bump him up. ... Or maybe the Huntsman girls should just run for president instead."