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The Utah Department of Transportation says a new freeway-like interchange is opening Saturday on Bangerter Highway at 600 West in Draper.

UDOT says that means drivers will need to adjust to several new traffic patterns in the area, including:

• The traffic signal at Bangerter Highway and 200 West will be removed.

• Eastbound and westbound Bangerter drivers will be able to exit at 600 West to access 200 West-area businesses via 13490 South and 13775 South.

• 200 West will be accessible from Bangerter Highway via "right in, right out" only. That means drivers on 200 West may turn right onto Bangerter, and Bangerter drivers will be able to turn right onto 200 West.

• All left turns onto Bangerter, as well as through traffic on 200 West, will be prohibited.

The 600 West project is the third freeway-like interchange constructed on Bangerter in the past four years. The others are located at 7800 South and at Redwood Road.

This year UDOT is building four additional freeway-like interchanges along that highway.

Work has already begun at 7000 South, and construction is scheduled to begin later this summer at 5400 South, 9000 South, and 11400 South.

The 7000 South interchange is scheduled to open in late 2017, and the other three locations in 2018.

Also, UDOT has recommended that the Utah Transportation Commission use some of the $1 billion that the Legislature just approved to borrow through bonding over the next four years to build more such intersections: at 6200 South in 2019, and at 10400 South and 12600 South in 2022.

In the future, UDOT also plans to upgrade other intersections along Bangerter into freeway-like interchanges as funding permits.