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Gov. Gary Herbert said he is not a fan of an idea being floated to have Utah join other states in supporting a national popular vote for the presidential election.

As I wrote yesterday Rep. Mike Noel and other lawmakers are pitching the idea of having Utah agree to throw all of its six electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the popular election.

The popular vote compact would take effect once enough states to make up 270 votes have agreed to the arrangement.

But Herbert has doubts. Here is what he said today when I asked him about the popular vote idea:

"It's not a new idea. People have been talking about the popular vote and every time someone wins the popular vote and loses the electoral college people say, 'Oh my gosh, that's not fair.' But you know, I'm kind of a Founding Fathers supporter. I think they were pretty wise people. I also, coming from a state that has sometimes been overlooked – you know, we've been known to be kind of the 'flyover zone, and presidential candidates have just kind of flown over us and waved as they fly over in their planes, and I don't think all the time waved with all five fingers. So, I think the Electoral College really requires the candidates to not ignore even a Wyoming, a smaller state. They need to come and see about getting the electoral votes, so I'm a little concerned about going to the popular vote instead of the Electoral College."

Sounds like Noel & Co. could have some work to do.

— Robert GehrkeTwitter: @RobertGehrke