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The recent TV ad in New Hampshire by the Mitt Romney campaign confirms, without a doubt, Romney's willingness to do or say whatever it takes to be elected president.

The ad shows President Barack Obama making the statement: "If we keep talking about the economy, we are going to lose." Wow, what a devastating clip! Why would Obama admit such a thing? It appears he both fails to comprehend the seriousness of our economic situation and is trying to hide the subject to be re-elected.

It turns out this is a clip from the 2008 presidential campaign, and Obama is quoting an aide working for John McCain, who in fact did fail to comprehend the seriousness of the economic crisis.

The willingness of Romney to use a quote so completely out of context is fundamentally and demonstrably dishonest. The really sad and scary thing, besides the possibility of this man becoming president, is that the media seem to think this is OK, just politics, great spin.

Step up and state the truth: Romney is lying with this ad, and that means he cannot be trusted with running the country.

Cathryn Collis

Salt Lake City