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Transcript of an interview Wednesday with Jazz forward Paul Millsap after he worked out with trainer Johnny Bryant in Salt Lake City.

Bryant Sports AcademyMillsap on his recent workouts: Just basketball skillwork. A lot of skillwork. Some cardio, things like that. Things that [Bryant] brings to the table, I get out there and do it.His goal during the offseason: I've got one goal and that goal is to get better, year in and year out. Whatever comes with that — there's a wide range of things you can do to get better at your game. I wanted to expand all those horizons.What Bryant adds to Millsap's workouts: Oh, versatility. We've got a good friendship, so he knows how to push me; he knows how to motivate me. We get at it. He wants to get better and I want to get better, so it's a good relationship.How he teamed up with Bryant: It started out, Ronnie Price started out with him first. Then I heard through Ronnie Price; me and Johnny have been friends for years. I heard through [Price] he was pretty good. I tested it out. It's something I liked. I'm sticking with him and we're going to be here doing it.Working with Bryant or at the Jazz's practice facility during the next eight days: I'm going to work out with [Bryant]. He's my guy. We're going to work out and we're going to keep this process going throughout the years and hopefully get somewhere. … Up until camp; probably through the season. A few skillworks; an in-season program. Jazz relying on consistency and familiarity early during the 2011-12 season: Right and that's going to be our focal point, is just working on chemistry as fast as possible. We got that throughout half of last year. Devin [Harris] and Derrick [Favors] came and the chemistry was there. We've still got a lot of things to work on but we're going to get better. We're an old group but we're very young. Very young. We're wise in our age and we're going to try to get it done.Being an All-Star this season: That's to be known. I'm going to get out there and do my thing; put my best foot forward and see what happens. Open to playing power and small forward: Just wherever coach put me. I think I'm versatile enough to get out there and start at the 3, but still heavy and strong enough to get down there and bang with the big guys.Brian T. SmithTwitter: