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When Alphonso Patricio Moya Sr. was brought into a hospital for treatment in July, officials allege he was covered in dry feces and bed sores, and so dehydrated he was unable to swallow. Moya died a day later, authorities said.

Police said they also discovered the man's son, 49-year-old son Alfonso Patrick Moya Jr., who was supposed to be caring for him, was filling his 72-year-old father's medical prescription for Lortab each month and selling the man's pills, according to a complaint filed Thursday in 3rd District Court.

Police said when they interviewed the son, he admitted to selling the pills, but was "upset" that his estranged wife hadn't cleaned off the feces on his father's body before calling 911, according to complaint.

Thursday, authorities charged Moya Jr., of Salt Lake City, with aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, and distribution of or arranging to distribute a controlled substance, both second-degree felonies, in connection with his father's July 16 death, according to the charging documents.

The medical examiner determined that Moya Sr. died from dehydration, malnutrition, electrolyte abnormalities and decubitus ulcers — or bed sores — due to the complications of inadequate care, the complaint shows. The medical examiner also found that Moya Sr. had no medication in his system when he died.

Hospital officials alleged that when Moya Sr. was brought to the Veterans Affairs Hospital on July 15, he had several bed sores on his body, including one the size of fist that would require surgery to remove all the dead tissue, and an open sore on his heel. Doctors said Moya Sr.'s legs, ankles and feet were swollen to twice their normal sizes, and he was unable to get up and walk on his own, the complaint alleges. Moya Sr.'s mouth was dry and swollen, and doctors said he was unable to swallow, the complaint alleges.

Doctors at the hospital said when they had last seen Moya in December 2010, he was able to walk and speak.

After hospital officials informed police about the injuries, officers said they responded July 16 to Moya Sr.'s home at 1082 S. Glendale Circle and reported smelling "a very strong odor" of bleach, feces and decomposing tissue. The officer reported Moya Sr.'s mattress was "saturated with urine and feces." His bedding had already been taken to the laundry room or thrown in the outside garbage can, the complaint shows. Police said Moya Jr. told them his father hadn't had a bath or shower for about two weeks, the complaint alleges.

Members of Moya Jr.'s family told authorities that he was the primary caregiver of his father, the complaint shows.

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