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We are completely astonished by David Burger's review of David Archuleta's Christmas concert ("Archuleta show underwhelming, beautiful," Tribune, Dec. 20). While dropping subtle compliments, the overall tone of his comments was completely condescending.

We felt an amazing feeling of love and peace through Archuleta's music. The people around us were as enthralled as we were with his arrangements and choreography (not "stomping").

We are dismayed that Burger failed to mention Archuleta's humanitarian work, which was presented during the concert.

There was an amazing "spirit" present throughout the concert that apparently Burger completely missed; otherwise, he wouldn't have felt so inclined to criticize as "unremarkable" the finite details that do not a concert make. Apparently, "understated clothing" and toned down stage d├ęcor cannot impress someone jaded by the world and waiting to be wowed by fireworks and stage antics. Does wholesome entertainment no longer have a place in our world?

Those always waiting for the bigger and better fail to miss the important message presented through this and similar forms of entertainment. Burger's article said more about him than it did about Archuleta's talents and abilities. Not for a minute did he speak for the thousands who attended Archuleta's concert!

Dan and April Snarr