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Utah coach Tyrone Corbin on Deron Williams.

Salt Lake Tribune Jazz beat writer Steve Luhm on Williams.

Corbin on how many times he replayed in his head the Jazz's fourth quarter and overtime performances against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday: Too many to count. Different situations, different plays. The last 17 seconds when we got the rebound. The last eight seconds when we didn't get the quick attack; whether we call a timeout then or let it go. We had the ball where we thought we were in a good spot. I give the guys a lot of credit. We busted our tails, man, and we played hard on both ends of the floor. We had a good chance to win the game. We just didn't get the shot at the end.Learning experience: Yeah, we have to learn from it. And we learned, the first part is, that we can play against anybody in this league if we play right, if we compete, if we play as a team and we count on each other and trust the guys going to do the right things and we've got a chance, and that's the most encouraging part about not winning the game.Did he hear assistants Sidney Lowe and Scott Layden yelling for a timeout: I heard them. I saw it. I thought we had the ball right where we would go, and we had the defense on their heels a little bit. I didn't want them calling a set. And I thought initially [Gordon Hayward] was going to go; I was getting him to go. And we stopped. And I thought about calling it then, but we had it right where we wanted them. Paul [Millsap] was there to post up Pau [Gasol]. Gordon made a good drive and made a good pass. It's just [Andrew] Bynum blocked the shot. We had a shot right at the basket. [The timeout] could have been taken — it might have been good to call a timeout and set it up, but we had the ball where I thought we were going to get them. Comfortable with Josh Howard playing 30-plus minutes: He's getting better every night he step out on the floor. He's getting in better game-shape. He's feeling comfortable with the guys and the guys are feeling comfortable with him. He can do a lot of different things on the floor for us. He's a good defensive player. He's a good offensive player. He can read situations and pass the ball when he need to. And he has experience and that's the key thing for us. He'll do the right things to help us win. Moving Howard into starting lineup: Right now, we'll see. We'll see where things go. Right now, we're OK.Jazz can't take New Jersey lightly: Oh, absolutely. We can't afford to take anybody for granted right now. We're still building. We've got to create an identity. We've got to create a reputation when we step on any floor, but especially our own floor. Al Jefferson saying he stopped shooting against the Lakers: He's understanding who he is and what was going on in the game. But he's a talent. He's an asset for us when he has the ball in his hands. He demands a double-team. Bynum's a big guy; he blocked a few of his shots. But we need to still try to get [Jefferson] the ball in his spots and make him play against somebody or to get the double-team and make a pass. He's an asset as long as he's on the floor.

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