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If you're in the camp that thinks Utah's 77-51 loss to Arizona on Thursday is best forgotten, I recommend you avoid SportsCenter this weekend.

Top 10? Not.

With the game well out of hand in the second half and the shot clock running down, Anthony Odunsi faked a shot and, as Jason Washburn turned to box out, Odunsi decided to pass the ball to him. Of course, this proved to be a poor decision, as... Well, watch this (all the way to No. 7):

By the way, that boing! sound was not only dubbed by ESPN, it was actually heard throughout the arena.

Washburn, to his credit, was in good spirits about the flub Friday after practice, saying, "I thought it was funny." When Cedric Martin razzed Washburn about the "worst play of the week," Washburn responded, "It was the Not Top 10, get it right!"

I asked Washburn if he at least found solace in Odunsi's willingness to make the extra pass. The center said, "He needs to learn to just shoot it. But we'll go with that."

— Bill Oram

*Thanks to @UtahRy for tracking down the video.