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Abraham Lincoln famously chose a Cabinet whose members were certainly not his friends and often opposed him. Yet he wanted their expertise and advice, and this "team of rivals" helped salvage the nation at a troubled time.

When he becomes president, Mitt Romney can follow Lincoln's example and potentially save our country from a myriad of threats now facing us by similarly staffing his cabinet:

• Vice president: Newt Gingrich. A great idea person who at times needs someone to filter his exuberance.

• Secretary of State: Rick Santorum. An excellent grasp of foreign affairs.

• Secretary of the Treasury: Herman Cain. His 9-9-9 tax plan would be a great start to reforming tax policies.

• Attorney general: Sarah Palin. She can control its Fast and Furious program.

• Secretary of Commerce: Jon Huntsman. Use his international and governor experience to better our economy.

• Secretary of Health and Human Services: Michelle Bachman. She has wonderful ideas on how to kill off Obamacare and create a workable health system.

• Secretary of Homeland Security: Rick Perry. He said he can stop illegal immigration within one year.

This Cabinet would unify the Republican Party and give our nation superb leadership.

David Taylor