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Excerpts from an interview Wednesday with Jazz forward C.J. Miles.Miles on his interest in re-signing with Utah: If they want me back, it's obviously great and I've been here — it'll be seven years. I grew up here, basically. I learned a lot here. At the same time, if it plays out like that's not the way they want to go and something else happens – it's up in the air. This is the first year I'll be unrestricted, so maybe it'll be a little different. It's just that's the way it is. No disrespect to anybody. It's just the way it plays out. If there's a situation; if it seems like this is the place to be at that time, then I'm definitely going to be here and want to be here. I don't have any problems. I feel like I've had great times here. And if the situation is up in the air and it plays out the other way, and they decide to go in a different direction and my direction is a little different, then [it'll] work out. Like you said, it's just pretty much up in the air. It's the first year there's any real — it could go any way. Every other year, I was restricted. And then this year they had my option and they picked it up, which I was very grateful for, obviously — I wanted to be here. I'm just going to continue to try to keep getting better and hopefully they want to keep me here. Control what he can control and keep his options open: Yeah. That's basically what it is. … This is the first time I'll be in that situation where the business side is really going to be a lot heavier than usual. And I think, the biggest thing I can do is keep playing. And usually you keep playing and you do what you're supposed to do and things usually work out. It usually doesn't have to be in turmoil that way, because everything is understood. That's my biggest thing, is just to find my groove and keep and control what I can control. I can't control up and down, the way things go, the way the matchups are, the way we play that night. All I can do is just go out there and play hard every night, and that's what I try to do.Brian T. SmithTwitter: @tribjazz