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About 20 protesters hurled anti-LGBTQ remarks at patrons outside Club Jam on Friday, the night of the Pride Festival Opening Ceremonies.

"Pretty toxic stuff," said Shane Curtis, who heard the disturbance from his recording studio across the street.

Police arrived about 1 a.m. and warned the protesters — who wore jackets customized with anti-LGBTQ text and held 10-foot signs — against disturbing the peace and blocking pedestrians, according to Salt Lake City Lt. Scott Smalley.

One protester outside the club at 751 N. 300 West had a megaphone but was told to stop using it by police.

"For the most part, it's a religious group that is preaching against homosexuality," Smalley said.

It's not the first protest to occur outside Club Jam, according to club owner Brandon Purser.

"I will ask that my employees refrain from any engagement, despite what hostility is sent toward them, the establishment, or the LGBTQ community," Purser said, adding he hoped "further incidents will be peaceful and that these protesters can be more civil, tolerant, and understanding."

A handful of the protesters are from Utah, said Smalley, but most of them are from out of state. This group of protesters has shouted outside Pride events in the past, as well as the biannual conference held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to Smalley.

"You take away all the rhetoric and it just boils down to hateful people," Curtis said. "It's just sad."

The protest — which went on for about an hour — didn't get physically violent, Smalley said.

"They want to incite," Smalley said.

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