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The seven women whose allegations ended Rob Miller's bid to lead Utah's Democrats say the party should continue an investigation of Miller because "a culture of pervasive sexual harassment has been revealed."

The group, which includes a former Salt Lake County Democratic chairwoman and a former state Senate candidate among other well-known Democrats, sent a letter to party leadership Thursday after Miller announced his exit from the race to become chairman and his withdrawal from the party.

"Although Mr. Miller has stated that he will not continue to seek office within the Party, the nature of these and other allegations are grave, and extend beyond Mr. Miller's behavior," they wrote.

Miller has denied the group's allegations that he kissed, hugged and touched women without their consent, that he pulled down his pants to expose Mormon undergarments, and that he made inappropriate comments. He said Thursday that he was "not perfect" and "may have said to somebody, 'You look sexy,' " if he'd perceived that they had low self-esteem and they'd asked him how they looked.

The seven women wrote Thursday that the party should investigate the involvement of previous and current members of the party's executive committees "to determine failures and flaws in our current reporting system."

"We believe that through the exposure of our experiences, and through the bravery of other men and women stepping forward to share their experiences, a culture of pervasive sexual harassment has been revealed," they wrote. "This culture is unhealthy to the party, its members, and our elections, and should be eradicated in whatever manner possible."

Utah Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment Friday morning.

Party delegates will elect a new chairman or chairwoman at a June 17 state convention, from a field that includes Nadia Bowman, Leonardo Gutierrez, Neil Hansen, Ed Schwartz, Sarah Scott, Daisy Thomas, Julianne Waters and Archie Williams.

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