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Heather Armstrong is angry. And, like the Incredible Hulk, when Armstrong gets angry, everybody finds out about it.

Armstrong, writer of the mega-popular Dooce blog, is angry at another blogger - writing for the site Get Off My Internets - for printing something about Armstrong that she says is completely untrue.

Armstrong has been taking a break from writing her blog, after she announced on April 17 that "My well is totally dry. I'm just… spent. Physically. Emotionally." In the 10 days since, Armstrong has posted photos and reprinted some past posts, but that's been all.

But the writer for Get Off My Internets - the site's now been deactivated, but copies have been cached online - claimed that Armstrong was really in Los Angeles filming a show for YouTube. The post also got particularly nasty and personal against Armstrong:

"But hey, why tell your fans you are flying to Hollywood to attempt yet again to get some kind of show when you can position yourself as the sad, tired, harried mid-divorce blogger? Why further alienate your square state stay at home mom audience when you can sit around reading supportive emails from people applauding your decision to put your well-being first?"

Today, Armstrong wrote "This is an outright lie. A total fabrication. ... I did not in any way 'fake' a break." Armstrong then quoted the legal definition of libel, which follows on a comment she wrote on Twitter today: "Are you an attorney? I'm hiring."

Armstrong and her husband, Jon, announced in January that they were in a "trial separation." They have two children.