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With all this ongoing talk about UTA, I believe the important customer needs are being ignored.

Some backstory I have goes with comparing other rail and bus systems, i.e. Phoenix, Ariz., and Metro San Diego, Calif. (UTA may have an "award" printed on its vehicles but when true benchmarking is done, UTA fails.)

1) UTA has no time clocks on transit vehicles nor waiting stations (TRAX), whereas San Diego and Phoenix do. (Is UTA afraid of showing lateness? Customers need to see the time constantly to adjust schedules whether they are on time or not.)

2) Senior citizen rates are lower in Phoenix, $2 all-day passes for bus and rail line included and $5 day pases for San Diego buses and trolleys. UTA charges more, much more in many cases.

3) About five or six years ago, TRAX changed its policy to prioritize buses to fit rail lines and stopped or shortened routes for local people and handicapped people, such as Foothill, 3rd East, 5th East. Instead, it runs a line up and down places like 21st to get to rail lines and U. of U./research park. What is UTA thinking? These working people have cars, handicapped and seniors must have transportation since they can't drive. UTA has stopped servicing an entire population of needs (like they used to service), which Phoenix and San Diego accommodate.

4) UTA refuses to reply to customer complaints as I have written or phoned UTA with the three complaints above.

John Stewart

Salt Lake City