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Happy Tuesday! We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Today, Politico is out with a story exploring the White Horse Prophecy and Mitt Romney's candidacy for the presidency. It's a topic our readers are probably very aware of and includes a quote from a 2007 interview with Romney and The Salt Lake Tribune where he dismisses the idea: "There are a lot of things that are speculation and discussion by church members and even church leaders that aren't official church doctrine. I don't put that at the heart of my religious belief." [Politico]

Topping the news: With Texas in his grasp, Romney will clinch the 1,444 delegates needed today to become the Republican presidential nominee and claim the title he's sough so long. [WaPost] [CNN] [Globe]

-> Romney's run makes Mormons excited and also fearful. [Globe]

-> Candidate for Salt Lake County mayor Mike Winder tries a new approach to hearing voter's opinions by posting his personal cellphone on a billboard for all to see. [KUTV]

Today's News: Got cold feet with your registered political party? Today is the last day you can switch your allegiance. [Trib]

-> As the year gets hotter and dryer, fire authorities want citizens to be aware of wildfire dangers while out in the wilderness. [Trib]

-> A surge of moderates in party caucuses has ended the glory days for ultraconservatives once hailed by the Tea Party. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @politicoroger: "Another great @petesouza photo: The president's reflection on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall. []"

Happy birthday: To congressional candidate Jay Seegmiller.

Congrats: To Utah GOP Executive Director Ivan DuBois and wife, Megan, on the birth of their daughter, Charlotte Jane Dubois, who added to the Republican rolls last week.

Opinion section: Paul Rolly shares an Internet meme of humorous answers by high school students on their tests. Are they clever class clowns or truly clueless? Either way, they are the future voters of America. [Trib]

-> Peg McEntee fills readers in on American Legislative Exchange Council. Conservative front for big business, or legitimate voice for conservative America? [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley's visual tribute to Utah's soldiers in the Vietnam War. [Trib]

-> Rolly shares his view that a debate would not help Sen. Orrin Hatch, and in today's climate would not even help Ronald Reagan. [Trib]

-> Former Judge Michael W. McConnell approves of Hatch's advocacy of religious freedoms and protections. [DNews]

-> LaVarr Webb and Frank Pignanelli discuss the pros and cons of more Hatch-Liljenquist debates. [DNews]

-> Former Sen. Bob Bennett responds to fans and critics alike in his weekly column. [DNews]

Weekend in review: McKay Christensen ends his hunger strike, not because Hatch has agreed to more debates with Dan Liljenquist, but for health reasons. [Trib]

-> The BLM is looking for public input on the planned pollution monitoring station in Bingham Canyon. [Trib]

-> Trebeck vs Hatch. The senior senator's name is dropped on "Jeopardy!" Also: a new study reveals Hatch is more literate than the average lawmaker. [Trib]

-> A Campaign for America's Future official goes after Sen. Mike Lee over his short-sale. [HuffPost]

-> Dennis Romboy says Liljenquist's biggest problem is that nobody knows who he is, compared to Hatch, who is a Utah household name. [DNews]

2012 Watch: This year's election comes down to something that was unthinkable not long ago, a black man running against a Mormon. [USAToday]

-> ABC News offers a guide of must-know things about Mormons. [ABCNews]

-> Romney leads Obama among struggling middle-class whites. [WaPost]

-> Even Republicans have to admit that Obama's record on education growth is hard to beat. [LATimes]

-> As Memorial Day ends, Romney is the man for veterans, polls show. [FoxNews] [CNN]

-> Romney promises to make the US military the strongest in the world, as "the world is not a safe place." [Reuters] [CNN]

-> People shouldn't count on "Forward" to be Obama's leading slogan. [TheHill]

Where are they?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz will be traveling with Romney's campaign through Colorado and Nevada.

Gov. Gary Herbert discusses local issues with Washington County commissioners.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon sits in on Envision Utah Board of Trustees meeting.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker sits down with Canyons Resort General Manager Mike Goar then gets briefed on the Olympics Exploratory Committee at the City Council.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder grabs a bite with Sens. Hatch and Mike Crapo.

President Barack Obama meets with Secretary of State Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The president and First Lady Michelle Obama will later honor recipients of the 2011 Medal of Freedom in a ceremony.

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