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When a journalist hears that another journalist got a job doing public-relations, there are usually two reactions:

1) Denouncing the ex-journalist for selling out his/her principles for the corporate world; and

2) Quickly asking the ex-journalist whether the corporate world has any other job openings.

So congratulations are in order for Karen Carlson, formerly the anchor at Salt Lake City's ABC affiliate, KTVX, Ch. 4, who has landed a job as spokesperson for Morgan Drexen, a California company that, according to this press release, "provides integrated support services to attorneys across the nation using complex automation." (Her full title is "Vice President of Media and Public Relations.")

Carlson's first job should be banishing phrases like "integrated support services" and explaining what her new company does in language regular people - even attorneys - can understand.

Carlson left KTVX late last year, after the birth of her first child. She began work at Morgan Drexen on Friday.