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So are you out to find a rich spouse or maybe just a sugar daddy?

When you're flying — go Delta Air Lines or maybe United.

Stay away, though, from Southwest Airlines or any of the other discount carriers known for their inexpensive fares. You won't find a lot of millionaires crammed into coach class munching on a couple of free bags of peanuts.

A new survey of 50,000 millionaires conducted by, which bills itself as the world's largest sugar daddy dating website, and, a millionaire matchmaking website, suggests that those seeking to hook up with a big earner should be selective about which airline they fly.

"If you want the best shot of landing a rich boyfriend, fly Delta Air Lines. If you want a generous sugar daddy fly American Airlines. If you want a high net-worth husband fly United," said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of the two websites.

The survey also revealed that 74 percent of wealthy men frequent an airline lounge, 78 percent are top-tier members of an airline's mileage program and 83 percent fly business class frequently.

Wade said besides online dating websites, traveling by air is one of the easiest ways to meet a rich boyfriend or sugar daddy.

And he offered this suggestion: "If a rich sugar daddy is what you want, don't fly coach class. Your best bet is to frequent the airline lounge, or try to get a free upgrade to business class each time you fly."