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The Primary showdown has arrived. Super PACs spent big on the Senate race. How the immigration ruling will impact Utah?

Happy Primary Election Tuesday. By the end of the night we'll know if Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's handpicked successor John Swallow can stave off a challenge from Sean Reyes and which Republican Democrat Ben McAdams will face in the fight for Salt Lake County mayor, but those are undercards to the Senate race.

-> Sen. Orrin Hatch may survive a conservative challenge today because of one overriding factor: voters are not as angry as they were in 2010 when they ousted Sen. Bob Bennett. [NYTimes] [WaPost] [ABCNews] [NatReview]

-> While Hatch is up in the polls, the tea party, which is backing Dan Liljenquist, has been known to surprise at the voting booth. [Politico]

Tuesday's Primary Guide: Need to find your voting precinct? Polling Location? Check here: and remember polls close at 8 p.m. [StandEx]

Races to watch: Senate, Republican: Orrin G. Hatch vs. Dan Liljenquist Salt Lake County mayor, Republican: Mark Crockett vs. Mike Winder Attorney General, Republican: Sean Reyes vs. John Swallow State auditor, Republican: John Dougall vs. Auston Johnson Salt Lake County Council, at-large, Republican: Joseph Demma vs. Melvin Nimer House of Representatives, District 1, Democratic: Ryan Combe vs. Donna McAleer Governor, Constitution: Brandon Nay vs. Kirk Pearson

Where's the victory party?: Hatch's election party will be at the Little America Grand Ballroom at 7 p.m. Liljenquist's crew will be at Noah's Events Center in South Jordan at 7:30 p.m.

Big bucks: Super PACs and other groups have dropped more than $2 million on Utah's Senate race. FreedomWork, which opposes Hatch, spent $1.063 million as of Monday. Hatch had the backing of eight groups such as Freedom Path and the NRA that spent $969,000.

Tweet of the day: @ezraklein: "In the case of Rick v. Roll, the Supreme Court rules 5-4 they will never give you up, never let you down, never make you cry."

In other news: The Supreme Court struck down much of Arizona's immigration bill, a decision that will impact Utah's own law on the controversial topic. [Trib][DNews] [StandardEx]

-> People on both sides of the immigration debate say the ruling is satisfactory, including AG Mark Shurtleff. [KCPW] But Sen. Mike Lee didn't like it, calling the Supreme Court decision unfortunate for states in this Fox News interview. [YouTube]

-> Peg McEntee says even with the immigration ruling, there's sure to be more debate and it's all thanks to Congress' inaction on immigration reform. [Trib]

-> Gov. Gary Herbert's life is in many ways molded by the sports he has loved, from the football, basketball and baseball he played at Orem High to the golf he enjoys today. [DNews]

-> Bryan Schott argues that if Liljenquist doesn't win today, his staff will get most of the blame. [UtahPolicy]

-> After the recent spate of fires helped produce dangerously high pollution levels, the wind has come to wipe the slate clean. [Trib]

-> As the Republicans become more and more of a super majority in Utah, does it hurt voting turnout when most elections are not competitive? [UtahDataPoints]

-> Herbert appeals to gun owners to "exercise better judgement" because they will be liable, though he resists a special session to change gun laws. [DNews] [Fox13] [Slate]

-> Herbert urges cities to place new restrictions on fireworks just days before the Fourth of July because of the blazes that have already consumed dozens of homes. [Trib]

-> Mia Love and her background is bringing attention to her showdown with Rep. Jim Matheson. [WaPost]

-> The fight over grazing on the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument turns from simmer to boil and Hatch is now weighing in on the side of ranchers. [Trib]

-> The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control may get a new boss today. [ABC4]

-> Utah code won't allow "Move to Amend," an anti-corporate personhood initiative, to appear on the ballot, even with the support of the Salt Lake City Mayor and Council. Advocates must rely on Utah's Supreme Court. [KCPW]

-> Women attend caucus meetings but are not as likely as men to run for delegate slots, a trend that grew even more pronounced this year. [UtahPolicy]

-> Utah courts may allow TV cameras and smartphones into the court rooms. [Trib]

2012 watch: Obama or Romney? Will it make a difference? A good portion of Americans think it won't matter in the long-run to the recovery of the economy. [AP]

The ruling is in and the cameras are on Romney. Early on his campaign ducks all questions about the Supreme Court's immigration ruling, though later in the day the candidate says the ruling should have given states more authority and shows Obama's lack of leadership on reform. [TheHill]

-> A new poll puts battleground state New Hampshire in Obama's column. [CNN]

-> Obama begins campaigning in Mitt's state of Massachusetts and New Hampshire with Elizabeth Warren. [LATimes]

-> Another victory for Citizen's United as the Supreme Court rules in favor of no corporate spending limits in campaigns. [Reuters]

-> The Obama camp fires back at "doing fine" attacks with their own attack on Romney and his "billionaire" allies. [WaPost]

-> While Republicans may miss out on the Latino vote this year, it may shift in years to come as they integrate into American society. [WaPost]

-> Obama sees a speck of good news from Congress as his mortgage reform is being considered, a bullet point on his 2012 goals. [Reuters]

-> An anonymous donor foots the bill for Obama's visit to Durham, New Hampshire, done not out of partisan loyalty but for the honor of hosting a president. [CNN]

Where are they?

Lt. Gov. Greg Bell will oversee voting at local precinct, attends a Civility Advisory Board, then USAAV Council Meeting.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon sits in on the Salt Lake Chamber International Committee, attends the Salt Lake County Council meeting, then appears at the ribbon cutting of United Way's new offices.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker sits down with Salt Lake City Council Member Kyle LaMalfa, attends a Civility Advisory Council meeting, lunches with Goldman Sachs Partner Robin Vince, and meets with Salt Lake Community College Vice President of Institutional Advancement Tim Sheehan.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder campaigns in Murray and West Valley City before attending the City Council meeting.

President Barack Obama campaigns in Georgia and Florida.

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