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A Place For Your Stuff is a small building located on 500 West adjacent to the men's entrance at The Road Home shelter. Its purpose is simple yet crucial: Free storage for those experiencing homelessness.

Renovation has begun in the area via the Downtown Alliance for the city to designate a new "Station Center" in its efforts to build a "second City Creek," adding more downtown appeal to the west side. APFYS has now officially stopped accepting new clients; the building is set to be demolished.

City officials have stated alternatives are being considered. However, with all the renovations in the area (including the closing of the downtown shelter — unrelated I'm sure) there appears to be no appropriate options in the area for those experiencing homelessness to have access, which is key to its entire function.

I implore city leaders: Until the mass Rio Grande exodus in 2019, our city's most vulnerable population can't afford to lose this location anytime soon. In fact, it needs to be expanded in the wake of the increase in "sweeps," as seen on Fox 13. Let's not send a message to the marginalized communities by saying, "We have a place for coffee beans, but not your family albums."

Ryan "Poet" Parker

Salt Lake City