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Romney outdoes himself in Utah. Hatch's big night. A recount in the S.L. County mayor's race.

Happy Wednesday and congrats to all of the Primary Election winners throughout the state. It turns out there were fewer close contests than some might have predicted, but no end to hard fought races and at least one recount is on the way.

Topping the news: Sen. Orrin Hatch is closer to serving a seventh, and final, term in the Senate after mounting the most extensive and expensive primary campaign in Utah history. He handily beat a right-wing challenge by former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist and now faces Democrat Scott Howell in November. The Hatch victory would have shocked the pundits only a year ago when the prognostication was that the 36-year senator was doomed. [Trib] [ABC4] [CNN] [DNews] [NYTimes] [WaPost] [FoxNews] [MSNBC] [Reuters]

-> If you can believe it, adopted Utah son Mitt Romney topped his resounding 2008 primary vote last night, earning 93 percent as compared to his previous 90 percent of ballots. And to think, all he had to do was eat a burger at Hire's Big H. [Trib] [DNews] [ABC4]

-> In the attorney general's race, John Swallow was able to parlay previous congressional bids and better name ID into a big win over Sean Reyes' campaign. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Former SL Co. Councilman Mark Crockett is holding onto victory by a thread over WVC Mayor Mike Winder for the Republican nod for Salt Lake County mayor. Crockett is ahead by just 239 votes, a small fraction of one percent, triggering a recount. [Trib] [ABC4]

By the numbers: President: Mitt Romney- 93%, Ron Paul- 5%, Rick Santorum- 2%, Newt Gingrich- >0%, Fred Karger- >0% Senate, Republican: Orrin G. Hatch-67%, Dan Lijenquist-33% Attorney General, Republican: John Swallow- 68%, Sean D. Reyes- 32% Salt Lake County Mayor, Republican: Mark Crockett- 50.2%, Mike Winder- 49.8% (here comes the recount) House District 1, Democrat: Donna McAleer- 67%, Ryan Combe- 33% State Auditor, Republican: John Dougall- 54%, Auston G. Johnson- 46% Governor, Constitution: Kirk D. Pearson- 66%, Brandon W. Nay- 34%

More primary results: Turnout for the primary election was higher than expected. Overall 37 percent of Republicans voted. [Trib] Although in certain areas turnout was slow.[ABC4]

-> Joseph Demma is the GOP pick for the at large Salt Lake County Council seat. [Trib]

-> State Rep. John Dougall defeats incumbent Auston Johnson in GOP race for state auditor. [Trib] [ABC4]

-> Donna McAleer wins the Democratic primary against Ryan Combe. She now faces Rep. Rob Bishop. [Trib] [ABC4]

-> Incumbent state lawmakers faced numerous showdowns, with a few being toppled including Rep. Bill Wright, Rep. Neal Hendrickson and Rep. Brad Daw. [Trib]

-> Bob Bernick says this primary shows that one election cycle does not make a trend. [UtahPolicy]

Winners and losers: Loser: FreedomWorks Winner: Freedom Path and whomever funds the group

Loser: Richard Burwash Winner: Dave Hansen. #NotLugar

Winner: Twitter for immediate commentary Loser: State Elections website

Winner: Mitt Romney, he endorsed Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010 and had nothing to show for it, but he's now getting credit for helping Hatch survive. Loser: This slogan: What do you call a senator whose been in Washington for XX years, you call him home

Tweet of the day: @spnitz86: "Oddly, after I finished voting and turned on my car radio, Green Day's 'American Idiot' was playing."

@TheFix: "Orrin Hatch wins (as expected) in Utah. A year ago he was in the same boat as Lugar. Good campaigns matter."

Happy birthday: To KSL Radio's Sheryl Lake Worsley and the Detroit News' David Shephardson.

In other news: Rep. Jim Matheson stands with the Republicans and plans to vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. He is the first Democrat to do so. [Trib] [TheHill] [Politico]

-> Environmentalists praise a federal court's ruling which will put stricter limitations on Utah's vehicle emissions, industry expansions and pollution surveillance. [Trib]

-> Paul Rolly points out the irony of how Romney "the job creator" and his Park City fundraiser delayed road construction worker's job for three days. [Trib]

-> Utahns don't like President Barack Obama, obviously, but the numbers are still interesting. A poll by BYU/Key Research finds 74 percent of Utahns disapprove of Obama's job performance. [Trib]

-> Great read: The New Republic takes a look at the Mormon network in Washington. [TNR]

-> Weber and Murray voters approve bonds and tax increases which would pay for new school buildings. [Trib]

-> Salvador Petilos is the new head of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Formally acting as as the deputy director of the Department of Administrative Services. [KCPW]

-> Pat Bagley's take on Justice Antonin Scalia's motives in the Supreme Court. [Trib]

2012 watch: Obama's latest ad calls Romney, the 'outsourcer-in-chief', once again attacking his time at Bain. [WaPost] Biden campaigning in Iowa touts the same message also chiding the Republican for his Swiss Bank account. [CNN] [NYTimes]

-> Romney ramps up his "Obamacare" criticisms prior to the Supreme Court decision, saying if it fails then Obama has wasted the term and if it passes he would get rid of it day one. [Reuters] [MSNBC]

-> Obama acknowledges he will be the first standing president to be outspent by a challenger. [Politico]

-> Romney VP hopeful Sen. Rob Portman says the Republican nominee would make such bold decisions in office, even if they cost him a second term. [ABCNews]

-> Obama asks Floridians to be wary of Republican fear mongering in the coming months. [ABCNews]

-> Obama and Romney still deadlocked with the president holding just a slight lead according to a poll. [MSNBC] [CNN] The same poll finds that 6 out 10 Americans believe the current economic state isn't Obama's fault. [MSNBC]

-> Romney and other Republicans are cautious on immigration issues, as not to lose the ever more important Latino vote. [CNN]

-> Fundraising and campaigning in Georgia, Obama defends healthcare, repeating "It's the right thing to do." [CNN]

Where are they?

Rep. Rob Bishop visits with representatives of the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals, meets with a group of utah students, then people with the United Egg Producers before going to a Congressional Western Caucus meeting with Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory.

Lt. Gov. Greg Bell visits Goshute Tribe in Ibapah.

AG Mark Shurtleff holds meetings at the Capitol before embarking to Nashville, where he will attend the Jason Foundation board meeting.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon delivers remarks at the Cooperative County Plan group then sits in on the Elected County Officials meeting.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker meets with Salt Lake Chamber President and CEO Lane Beattie then attends meetings on the Sugar House Streetcar, Intermodal Hub Development and the Forest Service. He will then hold open door constituent meetings.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder runs the GenX GOP luncheon.

President Barack Obama will have lunch with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed, then attend a campaign fundraiser in D.C. before welcoming members of Congress and their families for the annual White House barbecue.Got a tip? A birthday, wedding or anniversary to announce? Email us at

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