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Romney family hosts its own 'Olympics.' Utah's new House seat adds clout. Rich County loves Mitt the most. Happy Monday. The Mitt Romney clan is at the family's estate on Lake Winnipesaukee this week, spending a little time relaxing from the presidential trail and participating in what is known as the "Romney Olympics." That's right, the former head of the Salt Lake Olympic Games hosts his own challenges, including a mini-triathlon of biking, swimming and running but also the not-so-normal contests such as who can hang onto a pole the longest, who can throw a football the farthest and who can hammer the most nails into a board the quickest. Check out The Washington Post's take on the games: [WaPost] More 2012 news below.Today's News: Utah's additional member of Congress is expected to add a needed voice in the area that matters: committee work. [Trib]-> Paul Rolly says the political loyalty to the GOP is so fierce in Provo, liberals fear to speak their minds. [Trib]-> Which Utah counties love Romney the most? Turns out its Rich, Wayne and Morgan counties. And Grand County likes him the least, according to primary vote results. [UtahPolicy]-> Bob Bernick predicts a quarter of the state House will turn over this November. [UtahPolicy]Tweet of the day: From @PourMeCoffee: "House and Senate have adjourned for holiday so if you need something made worse or named after Reagan you are out of luck."Happy birthday: To state Sen. Gene Davis and PCTV's Ori Hoffer.Endorsement: Ann Romney endorses Mia Love, giving even more national attention to the Saratoga Springs mayor's bid to unseat Rep. Jim Matheson. [Trib] [DNews]Opinion section: Rolly says incumbent State Auditor Auston Johnson lost his job as a a result of the Legislature's displeasure with his work. [Trib]-> An attorney and radio host says the country needs to make avenues for certain illegal immigrants to gain citizenship as the other side, deportation and constant limbo, is impractical. [Trib]-> A legal consultant and law school graduate say the presidential salary should be given to charity but only if goes to a non-partisan cause. [Trib]-> A high school art teacher talks about the empowering and emotional day of the Utah Pride Parade of seeing Mormons marching side-by-side with LGBT advocates. [Trib]-> An immigration lawyer says while both sides claim victory in the Supreme Court's Arizona ruling, the fine print shows that immigration is a federal, not state, responsibility. [Trib]-> Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb discuss what lessons were learned from the Utah primary, including whether Utah voters picked candidates who show they understand the issues. [DNews]-> Pat Bagley's take on the western state's wildfire epidemic. [Trib]-> Former Sen. Bob Bennett says that President Barack Obama may have won a short-term victory in the health care ruling but conservatives grabbed the long-lasting ones. [DNews]Weekend in review: Salt Lake City says the Broadway-style theater "will" be built, but a little help from the county would speed things up. [Trib]-> The idea of authorities scanning license plates brought out critics earlier this year, but actually, it's happening across the state already. [Trib] -> With the Supreme Court ruling in place on Arizona's immigration law, Utah's federal court sets a deadline for advocates to submit arguments that would shape the state's immigration law. [Trib]-> A large group of Mormons met up this weekend and sent in their resignations from the church. [Trib] [Reuters]-> Former candidate for attorney general, Sean Reyes, receives a threatening phone call after frustration over his own automated campaign calls. [DNews]-> Utah is one of 24 states to get a pass on "No Child Left Behind" but some critics now worry about a shift to Common Core standards. [KCPW] [Fox13]-> It's up in the air, but Utah legislators are leery of setting target shooting regulations in the wake of fires. [Fox13]2012 Watch: Most Americans would trust President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion. [HuffPost]-> Are the young voters who brought Obama to the White House in 2008 willing to show up at the voting booth for him again? [NYTimes]-> Romney heads to church in New Hampshire on Sunday and an AP reporter happens to be there to catch a glimpse of the usually off-the-record happenings. [AP]-> Romney's wife, Ann, is referred to as the presidential candidate's secret weapon and her ability to show the softer side of Romney is beneficial to the campaign. [USAToday]-> Obama urges donors to give more and warns of the dangers of conservative Super PACs running the country. [WaPost]-> As Romney vets potential running mates, the question of whether a Mormon-Catholic ticket could help swing blue states to red appears. [WaPost]-> Cher is called a religious bigot after poking fun of Romney and "magic underwear" on Twitter. [WENN]-> Historical examples, including Richard Nixon and Abraham Lincoln, beg the question of whether a president's religion dictates how they govern. [CNN]-> Media mogul Rupert Murdoch advises Romney to ditch his team and hire on pros. [CNN]-> It's yet to be seen whether the healthcare ruling gave Obama or Romney the advantage. [LATimes]Where are they?Gov. Gary Herbert appears on the Doug Wright Show on KSL Radio.Lt. Gov. Greg Bell tours the Kiomac facilities in Herriman, then speaks at the Immigration Commission.SLC Mayor Ralph Becker tours LDS Hospital then speaks with City Council Chair Soren Simonsen and Vice-Chair Charlie Luke.WVC Mayor Mike Winder meets with policy advisers.President Barack Obama is at Camp David.Got a tip? A birthday, wedding or anniversary to announce? 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