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Excerpts from a media interview Monday with Jazz CEO Greg Miller at the Salt Lake City airport.Miller on the addition of point guard Mo Williams: It's going be great for us to have Mo here. He's competed at the highest level, having gone to the Finals a few years ago in Cleveland; obviously he knows what it takes to win. He's very excited to be here, which makes me even more excited to have him here. I think he's going to help us win games and I'm excited about that.GM Kevin O'Connor making two big moves in three days, free agency having only just begun, and the possibility of the Jazz soon making more moves: Well, I hope so. As I've said before, our objective is to always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve our ability to win. And sometimes opportunities arrive that we weren't counting on, and so that can happen at anytime. I think, like I said, Kevin's always on the lookout for something — you never know when something's going to break loose.What Marvin Williams will bring to the Jazz: Well I think, again, he's going to bring a new dimension and a new perspective. He'll give us just another threat that we haven't had before, and he's excited to be here as well. Hopefully he's going to help us win games as well. I'm sure he will.Having to trade Devin Harris to acquire Marvin Williams: Yeah, it's always unfortunate when we have to let a player go, because all of our players work so hard and they're so invested on helping us win, and it's gotta be a tough thing for them — I know it is for us. And I just wish Devin the best in his career. Brian T. SmithTwitter: @tribjazz