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Recently, there have been some creative local YouTube musicians that might be of interest.The first is pop violinist Lindsey Stirling whose YouTube channel views have skyrocketed in just the last year. Lindsey composes original music as well as recreates top-of-the-charts hits from Jennifer Lopez to LMFAO - all on the violin. She has collaborated with other Utah musicians such as the Salt Lake Pops orchestra and has over 100 million channel views, and more subscribers than Usher and Chris Brown... combined. Lindsey is currently on tour in Italy. Check her out: other YouTube channel is from Utah natives The Piano Guys. The most recent one features five people on one piano recreating One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." Their video is already up to half a million views in under 24 hours. The Piano Guys have accumulated just under 110 million views and 620 channel subscribers. Check out the new video: