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A St. George man spent the past 24 days in jail after three DUI arrests in less than 45 hours, but a judge agreed to reduce his bail to $30,000, and 41-year-old Daniel Kropf was released from jail after payment on Friday afternoon.

Kropf was booked in the Cache County jail on an enhanced third-degree felony charge of driving under the influence. The judge decided to not allow bail until his initial appearance on July 16. But that was delayed until a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

Kropf's attorney Greg Skordas said his client shouldn't have even had such a high bail for a first time third-degree felony offense because he has yet to be convicted of the two prior ones. Skordas doesn't even think Kropf should have been charged with a felony for the third DUI arrest in less than two days.

"This is America; the fact that someone arrests you for something isn't a conviction," Skordas told The Tribune late Friday night.

During the hearing Skordas argued for the option of bail while the state held its position that Kropf presented a danger to society and "was a flight risk," according to court documents.

Skordas said he highlighted that Kropf had no prior felony criminal history and was willing to submit to random drug testing, would not have alcohol or controlled substances and volunteered to surrender his passport and pilot's license until the next court date.

Kropf also submitted to ankle monitoring until his next court date.

The state of Utah is arguing that Kropf's offense will be a third-degree felony because prosecutors expect to get convictions on the first two misdemeanor DUI offenses. Prosecutors have asked for the other two DUI cases to be bound over into this case, according to court documents. In Utah, those convicted of prior DUIs can be charged with a felony on the subsequent charges.

Logan police said Kropf was booked into the Cache County jail three times in less than 45 hours on suspicion of driving under the influence. The first two times he posted bail, but the last time he was held, awaiting his first appearance before a judge.

On July 8, Logan police responded to an auto-pedestrian accident at a Maverik gas station near 1200 South and Main Street. A personal injury case was filed July 31 in 1st District Court by the man injured in the accident.

Kropf was driving a truck and pulling a flatbed trailer that hit the Dumpster outside the Maverik, Logan City Police Assistant Chief Jeff Curtis has said. The trailer shoved the Dumpster into an employee taking out the trash. The employee was hospitalized with serious injuries.

"There wasn't appearance of [DUI] at that time," Curtis said, but police are still investigating. Kropf was charged with a class B misdemeanor for not having insurance and went on his way.

Three hours later, a Cache County sheriff's deputy pulled over Kropf in a car at 1000 West and 1400 North. Kropf was allegedly driving under the influence of drugs with his child and wife. He was arrested and booked into jail.

He posted $2,390 bail for the class A misdemeanor DUI offense (enhanced because a child was in the car), a class B misdemeanor for no proof of insurance and a class C misdemeanor for expired registration.

The next night, a medical call brought police to the parking lot of a Super 8 Motel at 86 S. Main St. Officers found Kropf in an Escalade, and "he was impaired again as well," Curtis said.

Once again, Kropf was arrested and booked into jail, this time on class B misdemeanor DUI, where he again posted bail.

Twenty-four hours later, on July 10, a Logan officer responding to a call of a possibly drunken driver pulled Kropf over at 2500 North and Main Street, where the officer found Kropf "impaired again," Curtis said.

Kropf has a long record of automobile offenses but no prior convictions of DUIs, according to court records.