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Talk about not having respect for the office.

A new book on the store shelves allows the owner to turn the 2012 presidential campaign into a personal plaything — by turning Barack Obama and Mitt Romney into paper dolls.

It's the latest in Dover Publications' series "Political Circus."

The dolls show both candidates in boxers and T-shirts — though it should be noted that Romney's underwear is probably inaccurate (since his Mormon temple garments are not visible, though a fair amount of skin above the knee is).

But in a book in which artist Tim Foley depicts the candidates as cooks, clowns, Roman gladiators, sumo wrestlers, pirates, cowboys, superheroes and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, accuracy isn't exactly what they're going for.

Another inaccuracy: The dolls appear to make President Obama look taller than Gov. Romney, while in reality, Romney at 6'2'' is an inch taller than the 6'1'' Obama.