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Recent mass shootings demonstrate a frightening level of gun violence in America, yet hardly mentioned were the more than 32 gun homicides that occur every day.

Billions are spent on anti-terrorist airport security when homegrown terrorists account for a much higher death toll than 9/11 (30,000 gun deaths annually). China is a much safer place to raise children.

The National Rifle Association insists politicians should not overreact, meaning Democrats, since Republicans are already its puppets.

Government's most important function is to provide security for its citizens, and America sets the worst possible example, thanks to a morally blind NRA and GOP. A nation that allows an armed cabal to make public safety policy would have to be labeled a failed state.

In Utah, even the dominant faith indulges a rabid gun culture.

Why respect a nation that fails to provide security for its citizens, or a religion that abhors smoking yet tolerates gun addiction?

If the United States is in decline, as the Roman Empire was, then institutions failing their responsibility must be held accountable for its decadence. Clearly, a morally compromised NRA member like Mitt Romney should never become president.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City