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The Price man who stabbed and killed another man in May will not face criminal charges.

Carbon County prosecutors say Jordan Wilcox, 21, was defending himself when he fatally stabbed Ryan Patrick, 32.

"We decline to prosecute because we didn't have sufficient evidence to be able to prove that the case was anything other than what appeared to be self-defense," said Deputy County Attorney Jeremiah Humes.

Humes said that a number of witnesses, who had no connection to either party, detailed critical information that led prosecutors to their decision last month to not file charges.

He said witnesses told authorities that Patrick and a friend borrowed Wilcox's car around noon on May 4. The two were involved in an altercation with another person about three hours later, and Patrick threatened that person with a weapon.

Shortly after, Humes said motorists witnessed Patrick in "an agitated state" when the two men returned to Wilcox's home, near 390 N. 100 East. Minutes later, witnesses saw Patrick and the friend place two large kitchen knives in Wilcox's vehicle.

Around 4 p.m., Wilcox and Patrick began arguing at Wilcox's house. A witness told authorities that Patrick made a threat against Wilcox's life, so Wilcox left in his car to cool down and to clean out his car.

While cleaning the car, Wilcox discovered the two knives, Humes said.

When Wilcox came back to his home about 20 minutes later, he was immediately attacked by Patrick while he was still sitting in the car, Humes said.

"Wilcox displayed the knives he had found in the car in an attempt to stop Patrick's aggression," Humes said. "Patrick fought Wilcox for the knives and Wilcox received a cut to his ear."

Wilcox then attempted to leave his car, Humes said, but Patrick had him pinned.

"There was a struggle between the two," Humes said. "[Wilcox] was pinned in the door of the vehicle, and his life was threatened, and he responded with the knife."

Wilcox stabbed Patrick in the shoulder, who was later pronounced dead at Castleview Hospital.

Humes said a witness observed much of the altercation, and confirmed that Patrick was the main aggressor.

Lab tests indicate Patrick had a high blood-alcohol content, as well as prescription drugs and illegal controlled substances in his system.

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