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Trump keeps an enemies list and isn't afraid to use it. 3rd District candidates to debate. Judge strikes down Utah's 'ag-gag' law.

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Donald Trump is less than six months into his presidency, yet one of the organizing principles of his political operation is already becoming clear: Payback. He has an enemies list of sorts and he's not afraid to use his power to hit back at those who aren't loyal or speak out against him. [<a href="">Politico</a>]

<strong>Topping the news: </strong>Candidates competing in the Republican primary election to replace former Rep. Jason Chaffetz will participate in two debates this month. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> A federal judge sided with animal rights activists Friday when he ruled that Utah's "ag gag" law is unconstitutional. [<a href="">Trib</a>] [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> Attorneys representing Utah argued in a federal court filing Friday that the state's decision to keep a candidate from the newly-formed United Utah Party off of the ballot for the 3rd Congressional District special election is fair. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> A recent study by the Urban Institute found that 72 percent more Utahns would be uninsured under the Senate health care bill. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> A U.S. Supreme Court case regarding gerrymandering in Wisconsin could affect voting districts in Utah. [<a href="">KUER</a>]

<strong>Tweets of the weekend: </strong>From @<a href="">caro</a>: "Exciting news! Just got off the phone with my cat. We are working on a joint task force to address the disconcerting scratches on the couch."

-> From @<a href="">GeorgeTakei</a>: "I think Donald has taken this 'Take Your Daughter To Work' thing a bit too far."

-> From @<a href="">surfbordt</a>: "I'm constantly forgetting at least one of Trump's kids. To be fair, so is he."

-> From @<a href="">2dAmMuslim</a>: "tfw you plug a guys name into the panama papers for fun and he freaks out and admits felony tax evasion"

<strong>Happy Birthday: </strong>To former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist and The Trib's Lee Davidson.

<strong>Opinion section:</strong> Just over one year after the shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, longtime member of Utah's LGBTQ community John Bennett recognizes that Utah's elected officials may not agree with him on gun control, but he feels that they should engage in civil discourse on the topic. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Linda Newell, a board member for The Gun Violence Protection Center, contends that legislation to deregulate gun silencers currently being debated by Congress would endanger citizens and law enforcement. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Utahns for Better Transportation and Friends of the Great Salt Lake argue that the environmental impact of the West Davis Highway isn't worth the few minutes it would save in drivers' commutes.  [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Loren Yager, the former chief economist for the Government Accountability Office, asserts that it would be difficult to restore the productivity rate of generations past. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Paul Mero, the founder of prmstrategies LLC, believes the radicalization of the Utah GOP has alienated the state from its values. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> It isn't President Donald Trump who's standing in the way of progress, writes Eric Ethington, but neoliberal Democrats. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> David Self Newlin writes that he quit the Tribune's web team because he felt he could make a bigger difference with political activism. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Pat Bagley illustrates Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

<strong>Weekend in review:</strong> Rep. Chris Stewart said the level of scrutiny regarding relations between the United States and Russia recalls the Cold War era. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

->  Sen. Orrin Hatch and the family of a Utah man who has spent over a year in a Venezuelan prison are asking the federal government to ramp up pressure on the South American country for his release. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Lyle Jeffs, a former leader of the FLDS church who absconded from home confinement after being charged with food stamp fraud, has an arraignment hearing today. [<a href="">Trib</a>] [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> The ACLU is challenging a Utah law that did away with disabled adults' right to an attorney in cases regarding their own custody. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> An Ogden judge denied two transgender Utahns' requests for a sex-designation change, so they're appealing the decision before the Utah Supreme Court. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Utah officials said they can't share with the public whether Amazon meets the requirements for a $5.6 million tax incentive after the company builds a facility in Salt Lake County. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> If true, the state would be paying $43,000 per high-paying job Amazon brings to Utah, but 90 percent of the jobs the company creates aren't guaranteed to be paid more than minimum wage. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Utah's mass overhaul of transportation may put the state's economy ahead of Colorado's, which was rated first in the country by 24/7 Wall St. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> State Treasurer David Damschen is questioning whether the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition's projects are a proper use of state money and if they have been beneficial to their rural economies. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> A report released by the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice showed that police seized $1.4 million in cash last year under a state law that allows law enforcement to take property even if the owner isn't charged with a crime. [<a href="">APviaTrib</a>]

-> The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing issued 45 citations in a two-week sting operation targeting construction-related fraud. [<a href="">Trib</a>] [<a href="">FOX13</a>]

-> Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott's aide told police that his family, who now has legal custody of Ott, only sought guardianship to gain access to his money. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> An analyst told Salt Lake County officials that they can avoid creating more jail space if they commit to criminal justice reforms. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Members of the Unified Police Department's board of directors are deliberating as to whether Chief and Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder's expected departure is the right time to separate the roles. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> Utah's top DEA official said the Rio Grande neighborhood has become a "breeding ground" for crime. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski nominated Danny Walz, who has served as the director of Midvale's redevelopment agency, to lead the city's urban renewal agency. [<a href="">Trib</a>] [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> South Jordan City and West Jordan City will continue to have a friendly relationship after the former dropped a lawsuit against the latter over a property and zoning disagreement. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

<strong>Nationally:</strong> Donald Trump Jr. confirmed Sunday that he met with a Russian lawyer who promised to hand over damaging information about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. [<a href="">NYTimes</a>] [<a href="">WaPost</a>] [<a href="">Politico</a>]

<strong>Where are they?</strong>


<li>Gov. Gary <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Herbert</a></strong> calls constituents, has weekly meetings with the chief of staff and lieutenant governor, speaks with the governor's leadership team and sits down with the general counsel. Later, he meets with staff and prepares for National Governors Association meetings.</li>

<li>Lt. Gov. Spencer <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Cox</a></strong> meets with the governor's senior staff, holds a scheduling meeting, speaks with the governor, participates in the governor's leadership team meeting and attends the Rural Electric Cooperative Youth Leadership Conference.</li>

<li>State Auditor John <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Dougall</a> </strong>attends a staff meeting and later a planning meeting.</li>


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