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Re "Mia Love's immigrant story may be true, but some questions still linger" (Tribune, Sept. 29):

The current interest in the long-ago immigration status of the parents of 4th Congressional District Republican candidate Mia Love seems a distraction from more substantive issues. But Love made their story a campaign centerpiece by repeatedly stating that her Haitian parents came here legally with only $10 and that her family succeeded on its own.

With a slim record to run on, Love has only her life story. Love has a history of taking positions that would have been harmful to earlier versions of herself. Like her call to end the federally subsidized student loans that got her through college.

She claims her parents didn't look to Washington for help, but her birth as a U.S. citizen alone allowed her parents and siblings to immigrate here legally. Today, it seems unlikely that candidate Love would support the same structure that allowed her family respite and success in the United States.

If Love's parents were immigrants today, would she throw them under the bus? If she's willing to do that to her parents, how can we expect her to treat ours?

Isaac C. Holyoak

Salt Lake City