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The new NBC series Chicago Fire (Wednesday, 9 p.m., Ch. 5) sort of feels like an old series. To sum this one up - hunky men and gorgeous women fight fires, save lives, deal with personal drama and spend a lot of time showering.

The extraordinarily attractive cast includes Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Teri Reeves, Charlie Barnett, Monica Raymund and Lauren German.

From executive producer Dick Wolf ("Law & Order"), this is pretty much what you'd expect: a bunch of TV tropes blended into a decent drama with nice action scenes. If there's any surprise, it's that a Dick Wolf show has more than one romantic subplot.

"Rescue Me" was a great TV series about firefighters. "Chicago Fire" is OK, but greatness doesn't seem to be something Wolf & Co. are striving for..

That's not meant as huge criticism. "Chicago Fire" is kind of TV comfort food. If you're looking for something new and edgy, look elsewhere. If you're looking for standard TV fare, look no further.

It's not great, but it's watchable. Not a big hit in the making, but could be successful enough to stick around for a while.