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The Oct. 23 Public Forum featured four letters condemning the editorial "Too many Mitts: Obama has earned another term" (Our View, Oct. 21). If The Tribune editorial board shares the same ├╝ber-liberal world view as editorial writer George Pyle expresses each Sunday in his opinion column, it would be a major surprise if The Trib endorsed anyone but President Barack Obama.

What's interesting is that the editorial board began with a discussion not of why they support Obama, but what they don't like about Gov. Mitt Romney. They criticized Romney's refusal to provide specifics of his "radical" plans. The problem is, Romney has not yet had the opportunity to work with Congress to enact legislation. (What specifics were demanded of Obama in 2008 beyond the slogan of "hope and change"?)

In order to endorse Obama, the board had to ignore his record of the worst recovery since the Great Depression, $6 trillion of new debt and employment growth that is not even keeping up with the increase in population. If he has a second term, what is Obama's plan, radical or otherwise, to resolve these problems?

The editorial board does not seem concerned with that question. Ideology rules.

Robert Sleight