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Sandy • Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata limped slightly as he left Rio Tinto Stadium on Monday night.

And though Jose Mourinho said he didn't think the ankle injury Mata suffered in the second half of Monday night's exhibition game against Real Salt Lake was too serious, the United manager wasn't exactly happy about the situation.

"Saucedo, I think was the name of the boy that was really aggressive during all the second half," United manager Jose Mourinho said after his team's 2-1 victory. "What happened to Mata and some of the actions were a bit dangerous, which I understand, you know, young people with enthusiasm playing against Manchester United. But you come with the mentality of a friendly match and at the end you find yourself with a different mentality."

Mata was a second-half substitute Monday night, but left the game after getting tangled up with RSL's Sebastian Saucedo about 15 minutes into the period. That seemed to prompt United's Antonio Valencia to try avenge his wounded teammate. Valencia would be sent off in the 68th minute after being shown a red card for a hard tackle on Saucedo.

RSL coach Mike Petke asked the referee to allow United a replacement, but Mourinho declined because, he said later, he did not agree with the card.

Saucedo left the game three minutes later with an injury of his own.

Mourinho went on to praise Salt Lake's starters, who were subbed out of the game after 30 minutes, with the score tied at 1-1, so they could stay fresh for a league match on Wednesday night in Portland.

"I think this team, the team that played the first 35 minutes, they are well coached," he said. "Good ideas, understanding of the game, playing in relation to the qualities of their players. Two fast wingers, good midfield moving the ball. I really like the way they played. I just feel sorry that they have a game on Wednesday. Because of that they couldn't play the whole game with the best team. I repeat in the second half, younger people, less quality, more enthusiasm, more running, more difficult for us to play."

After being told of Mourinho's remarks regarding Saucedo's play, Petke defended his player.

"In my opinion, having coached him and knowing him on a personal level, there was no intent. He was just playing hard.  It would be like if the New York Yankees went anywhere around the world and played another team the team would play extremely hard. If the Golden State Warriors went over to Europe every team would be playing hard," Petke said. "… So if [Mourinho] feels that way, he's got a hell of a lot more experience than me, he has won a hell of a lot more than me. So he is probably right. But I am a little irrational, I don't think there was any intent with the Mata thing, I think that was a red card offense with what happened with Valencia. With all due respect to my mentor and my favorite manager."

As for Mata's injury, Mourinho hoped it would not be serious.

"Mata has a big ankle but hopefully nothing important," he said. "A few days, a week, something like that, in principle."

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