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GOP to Romney: just stop. Obama tours New York. Corroon declares candidacy for McAdams' seat.

Happy Friday. After Mitt Romney's comments surfaced that he lost the election because of all the gifts President Barack Obama bestowed on minorities and young voters, several top Republicans have a message for their one-time standard bearer: Go away.

-> "There is no Romney wing in the party that he needs to address," said Ed Rogers, a longtime Republican strategist. "He never developed an emotional foothold within the GOP so he can exit the stage anytime and no one will mourn." [WaPost].

Topping the news: Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon announces his bid for the state Senate seat his replacement, Ben McAdams, is leaving behind. [Fox13]

-> Utah legislators suggest an extension as a temporary fiscal cliff fix. [Trib]

-> A third and perhaps a half of Gov. Gary Herbert's Cabinet may change now that he's won re-election. [DNews]

Tweets of the day: ‏From @RealClearScott: "One overlooked reason why Obama won is that he got more votes than Romney did."

From @BuzzFeedAndrew: "Today the Senate voted on congratulating the SF Giants and the House voted on a commemorative Mark Twain coin. It's the little things."

From @DCBigJohn: "Former Sen Bennett is sitting steerage. He's a fellow giant, and lord knows could afford pimp level seating. He's a mench, that one."

Happy birthday: On Saturday to Alan Crooks.

In other news: With two new senators-elect, Mormons will make up more than 3 percent of Congress — nearly double their 1.7 percent of the nation's population. [Trib]

-> Local businesses celebrate the end of construction on the new UTA TRAX airport line that dropped their business 30 to 40 percent for over three years. [Trib]

-> The Utah Transit Authority has been ordered by the State Records Committee to make criminal record information accessible to The Salt Lake Tribune. [Trib]

-> The state's Republicans in Congress counter the effort made by outdoor groups to have the 1.4 million acres surrounding Canyonlands National Park designated as a national monument. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss whether the upcoming Utah Legislative session will be more moderate. [UtahPolicy]

-> Bernick notes that while people are calling for the national GOP to change, there's no plans or need for the Utah Republican Party to do so. [UtahPolicy]

-> Paul Rolly discusses Rob Bishop's role in Utah's redistricting, a Greek Orthodox Church miracle and Peter Cooke's gentlemanly concession. [Trib]

Election aftermath: Obama won lesbian, gay and bisexual voters nearly 3 to 1, an overlooked group that makes up 5 percent of the population and helped swing the tide in the president's favor. [NYTimes]

-> Ex-Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt talks about leading the transition team for Romney. [Time]

-> President Barack Obama spent Thursday assessing Hurricane Sandy storm damage in New York City, his first trip there since he his re-election. [NYTimes] [WaPost] For a slideshow: [NYTimes].

-> Slate's David Weigel weighs in on the lingering conservative belief in the election's urban voter fraud. [Slate]

Where are they?

Utah Governor Gary Herbert sits in at the National Governor's Association Executive Committee meeting and NGA's New Governor's meeting in San Diego.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz attends a Leader's Circle meeting with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, meets with the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction and departs to the Middle East.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon stays for a second day at the Utah Association of Counties Annual Convention in St. George.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker discusses the city's upcoming performing arts center in a KRCL interview, meets with state Sen. Aaron Osmond, meets with 'Tour of Utah' President Steve Miller and attends the Unitarian Church Green Renovation reception.

President Barack Obama hosts the leaders of Congress at the White House to discuss a balanced approach to reduce the deficit and strengthen the economy. He later meets with leaders of civic organizations and other outside groups on these same issues.

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