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There's an old expression in the news business: Taking out the trash.

It refers to when some government agency that maybe wants to release something but doesn't want it getting a lot of attention will roll out a huge amount of information on a Friday evening and usually the whole issue, whatever it is, will get cursory attention and go away.

It's also sometimes called the Friday Document Dump.

Well, this afternoon the Utah Legislature has released 16,000 pages of documents on redistricting, this after months of refusing requests from the Utah Democratic Party and various media outlets including The Tribune.

Really the only way to go through these documents is to get as many eyes on them as possible, so join us for a little Friday night crowdsourcing.

Visit and start reading through them. If you come across something interesting, flag it for your fellow readers in the comments section below. Hopefully, if there's anything to be found in these piles of e-mails and records, we can all find it together.

Happy reading!

— Robert GehrkeTwitter: @RobertGehrke