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Some say a gun ban wouldn't work? Tell that to Japan.

In 2008, there were more 12,000 gun-related homicides in the United States, as well as 587 Americans killed by accidentally discharged guns. In contrast, Japan had 11 deaths total — not even half of the 28 deaths in Connecticut alone.

Most types of guns in Japan are illegal, like automatic and semiautomatic firearms. To own an allowed gun, you must attend an all-day class, pass a written test, take a shooting range class and test, take a mental and drug test and pass a rigorous background check. You must document the specific location of the gun and ammo, which must be stored separately. Owning a gun in Japan is a big deal.

The real solution to America's gun policy is a middle ground between banning guns and today's few restrictions.

Jacob Berube

South Jordan