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Like me, I am sure you've watched the transformation of Provo over the last eight years.

It seems like every week I am reading about national recognitions, awards and break-out business stories coming out of Utah's third largest city. Long-standing problems have been solved and the economy is booming. It seems like Provo has seen success almost overnight.

The reality, of course, is that this success hasn't just happened overnight. Smart and educated strategy, mixed with unfailing hard work, is the reason for Provo's success. And it doesn't take much detective work to realize at the core of this narrative is Mayor John Curtis.

When John announced he would not seek re-election, I had hoped Utah would find a way to keep him involved in public policy and problem-solving. Utah needs representatives who understand our drive to boost economic health and quality of life. It stands to reason then that I'm thrilled to announce my support of John Curtis for Congress for the Republican nomination in the special election.

At his core, John is an entrepreneur and a business leader with decades of experience. Along with his partners, he started a small company called Action Target that sells shooting range equipment to law enforcement across the country. He grew Action Target's revenues to tens of millions of dollars a year and employed hundreds in the 3rd Congressional district.

After seeing the enormous success of his company, John decided to pursue public service. In 2009 he beat a tough opponent to become the mayor of Provo and things there have never been the same.

His primary objective after being elected mayor was to trim more than $5.5 million from the upside-down city budget. He did so with consensus from the department directors, employees and citizens. He took the noose that was around Provo's neck — a $40 million debt for iProvo — and negotiated with Google Fiber to take it over, giving residents free internet for seven years.

John led $1.5 billion of private investment in the city and built a solid fiscal foundation based on reduced budgets and wise spending. The city of Provo is ranked No. 2 in Job Growth and was just rated by WalletHub as the second-best run city in the nation. It's also been noted for being "#1 Most Entrepreneurial In America."

And if that wasn't enough, I am sure you have noticed the sweeping transformation of downtown Provo. John's initiatives transformed this area into a more vibrant and viable business and arts community.

The Daily Herald noted, "When he first arrived, he was faced with a bottomed-out economy, police scandals, city fires and issues with the city's iProvo fiber network. Now, the city is enjoying the greatest economic development in its history."

After his two terms as mayor, Provo is ranked as one of the best places to live in America. And, even more importantly, 94 percent of Provo residents like what John accomplished with his fiscally conservative policies.

If John Curtis did all this for Provo with his conservative approach and indomitable work ethic, imagine what he will do for Utah's 3rd Congressional District.

Join in me in voting for John Curtis as the Republican nominee and send a proven effective leader to D.C.

Scott Anderson is president and CEO of Zions Bank.