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The owners of Utah's newest brewing company, Unsacred Brewing, wish to remain anonymous considering the shameful act they have just committed — brewing a line of 3.2 percent low-alcohol beers.

In a news release issued Monday, the owners — with tongue planted in cheek — said they were forced to make the low-alcohol beers because of Utah's stringent alcohol restrictions. According to state law, only beer with 4 percent alcohol by volume (which is 3.2 percent to you and me) can be sold in grocery stores or on tap at bars and restaurants.

"We are committing a sin against ourselves by creating Utah's newest line of 3.2 percent beer," joked one anonymous owner. "But Utah's laws have made it difficult for us to be true to our original intentions."

Later this month the brewery will release four brews to consumers, three of which have names that poke fun at Utah's conservative culture: Priesthood Pale Ale, The Vision Lager and Unfaithful IPA. Unsacred also will offer Rimando's Wit, named after Real Goalkeeper Nick Rimando.

Draft beers will be available on Jan. 30 in Ogden and Jan. 31 in Salt Lake City, according to the release. Bottles will be available in grocery stores by late February or early March and will only be sold through Golden Beverage Company from Ogden.