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Chasing Chance gets plenty of time to practice, since they all are students at Utah Valley University.Lead singer and guitarist Chance Young, 24, is a junior there.Bass player and backing vocalists Nick Dutson, 24, is a senior.Drummer Jared Shepherd, 24, is a senior.Keyboard player Tyler Pearson, 18, is a freshman.Shepherd, Dutson, and the band's former lead guitarist had played in a band together at Delta High School. After taking two years off, they decided to get back into it. Young just happened to room with Duston, and Shepherd lived up the street.Coming up with a name was more difficult. The band was tossing around ideas, and started making fun of Young, said Dutson, "because he had some crazy girls chasing him." He continued: "We all stopped for a second and realized that though it's not all about Chance, we really did want to chase our chance at making music our career and make the best of it."

The band talked to the Tribune about inspiration, memorable experiences, and food.

What inspires you — and what doesn't inspire you?Pearson • Creating music, the beauties of the earth, Christ, my family, listening to ambience. I cannot think of anything does not inspire me.Young • I find little bits of inspiration in almost everything. A lot of my inspiration for music comes from the people with whom I spend most of my time. I also like to write about things that happen that I think are funny and could make clever lyrics. I like the people who hear the music to have fun and be able to laugh because they can relate.Dutson • Honestly, I'm inspired by most things. I try to find the best in whatever situation I happen to be in and have found that inspiration comes much easier that way. I can be all alone in a room or in my car and be inspired with a sick beat or a riff or a lyric. I can also find inspiration while talking to others, watching movies, sports, concerts. There are inspiring things everywhere. What is your most memorable experience playing music?Pearson • I was playing in a high school honor band, and at certain points in the songs, everyone was playing everything correct and in time and I could actually feel the music being created.Young • I love playing in a band and some of my most memorable experiences have been the times that we are all playing great and the music sounds fantastic. That is always my favorite because you feel good about it and the people hearing it can get into it and they can sing and dance along with you! I love it when people sing along with me.Dutson • When I was playing in a band in high school we went to a battle of the bands in Ely, Nevada. Yeah, we don't know why either. When we got there, it was at an airport and the bands were just lined up next to each other and the fans sat out on the runway on lawn chairs. I was sick and all the bands before us were terrible. There was even a 50-year-old guy and his wife playing the fiddle. When we got up and played our first song, the crowd came alive and started dancing and taking pictures and going crazy. We sold more merch and signed more autographs after that show than I think I have at any other show. If you had a tour rider listing what kind of food, drink and other requests you would want to be backstage, what would they be?Pearson • Lemon juice and a lot of water.Young • Well, first off, I want food. Lots and lots of food. Like pulled pork and mashed potatoes with some nice vegetables. And of course desert. I would also want an Xbox 360 and a big screen TV so i would not get bored. A girlfriend would also be nice.Dutson • Food. Tons of food. Not crappy fast food either. All of my favorite meals would be split so each night on tour I got something great. I would also have tons of drinks. I think I'd also put in a few things just for fun like a dog or a go-cart, just to keep things fun. Describe a perfect day.Pearson • Spending time with the people I love the most. Young • Sleep in til 9. Wake up to a big German pancake breakfast. Go ride my motorcycle for a few hours, go skydiving, watch an All Time Low concert. Have a huge lunch. Hang out with my friends and family. Play a show for 10,000 cheering fans. Massive dinner with all my loved ones. Stay up late hanging out with all my friends.Dutson • I don't think that there is such thing as a perfect day. There are way to many things that I would want to do to make it perfect and there is just not a possible way to get them all in. Things that I would like to do would include traveling to foreign countries, going on a cruise, rappelling, skydiving, bungee jumping, race car driving. I would like to have all of my best friends there and, of course, lots of girls. If there was any way to do all of that, and then come home and hang out with my family, it would be the best day. What kind of music-related technology do you use on a regular basis? Pearson • Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Audacity, Facebook, • I use Pandora occasionally. I like listening to the radio as well, but my favorite source to find new music is through my friends. It is fun to see what they listen to and see what inspires them and why. I like the more personal aspect of music.Dutson • I use Pandora fairly frequently and Twitter, too. Facebook is by far my number-one source for everything. Myspace is kinda dead and I haven't really gotten into Spotify yet, though I hear good things about it.

The band plans to have a full-length album out by April. For now, a four-song EP is available for free,.To get it, send an email to asking for it and they will send it right away.Stay up to date with Chasing Chance at