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TV executives are always telling us no one sets out to make a bad show. Which, with the exception of those cheesy Syfy movies, is probably true.But when you see something like "Do No Harm" (Thursday, 9 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5), you've got to wonder. This show is so bad it almost seems it would have to be intentionally awful.Steven Pasquale ("Rescue Me") stars as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ... er, uh, neurosurgeon Jason Cole and hedonistic Ian Price. From 8:25 a.m.-8:25 p.m., Jason is in control. And, through the use of experimental drugs, he's been able to keep Ian under wraps for the last few years.But the drugs aren't working any more. And Ian is unleashed on an unsuspecting world.Executive producer David Schulner insists that "Do No Harm" is a cross between "House" and "Dexter," but neither Jason nor Ian is anywhere near that interesting. Jason is a straight-laced good guy; Ian is fond of drugs and hookers; and when they start fighting with each other - leaving each other video messages, sabotaging each other's lives - it's not dramatic, it's ridiculous."Do No Harm" is hilariously bad. We're not supposed to be laughing, but it's impossible to keep a straight face when utterly awful dialogue is dropped on us. Like when one of Jason associates says, "I may be supplying experimental drugs to the chief of neurosurgery, but I still have standards."You've got to laugh. Or else you'll cry at the wasted effort in "Do No Harm."The lead character may have two personalities, but this is one big piece of you-know-what.